PAST-TIMES is an Erasmus+ funded project, running from September 3rd 2018 to September 2nd 2020.

On this website you will find information about the events organised by the project, the developed resources and a special on-line learning environment.

What is Past-Times?

The objective of the PAST-TIMES project is to address the three contexts of 1) Ageing population in Europe, 2) rising of racism and intolerance and 3) current significant influx of migrants with a comprehensive intergenerational programme of activities .
This programme will include:
- a bespoke media production training programme for young migrants to build high-value digital and social media skills to enable them record and collate a library of video and audio files comprising insights into the stories, tales and customs of Europe's older generations to build their cultural awareness of Europe and their new host country.
- an oral history appreciation training programme for senior citizens to support them in elaborating a common peoples history of Europe in the 20th Century so that this is captured for future generations. This process will also ensure that the seniors engaged are mentally stimulated by their active involvement thereby mitigating the threat of dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. - an intergenerational learning project based on a webquest approach where young migrants and senior citizens jointly complete a webquest challenge focused on building intercultural awareness. This process will also help to build the digital literacy skills of the active retirees participating.
- an in-service training programme for adult educators and migrant support workers to build the skills necessary to develop webquests and to enable them extract the maximum benefit from the media production and oral history training resources provided
- a bespoke online portal that will host all the webquest challenges and provide a media streaming platform for the oral and video historical content captured through the intergenerational exchanges.

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